Driving in Australia

Australia can be a great country in which to take car trips. It has a diverse landscape and many of historical and geological interest to investigate. There are a few things to keep in mind when driving in this country. The following is a list of tips and things you will want to be aware of as you drive a vehicle in Australia:

Allow Enough Travel Time

Since it is not connected to a major continent, some people get the impression that Australia is small. This is not the case. Australia is a very large country. It is larger, for instance, than Europe. It is not as large as the United States, but it is almost as large. If you are planning a road trip, look carefully at distances and make sure to calculate travel times accurately.

Drive on the Left

Unlike the US and continental Europe, the practice in Australia is to drive on the left side of the road, as is the case with Great Britain. This is obviously something to be aware of before you get behind the wheel if you are visiting from a left side driving country. You don’t want to find this out by trial and error as an Australian motorist comes at you full speed and collides with you head on.

Don’t Drink and Drive

The police regularly check drivers to make sure they have not been drinking in Australia. The legal limit is only .05, which does not take many drinks to attain. So avoid drinking and driving if at all possible.

Always Carry Maps or GPS

You wouldn’t want to get lost in Australia’s vast outback. There are large unpopulated regions of this country where travelers could easily get lost if they don’t have some means of keeping track of where they are. So make sure to travel with some good maps or a GPS location system.

Keep Tank well Fueled

For the same sorts of reasons, it is important to keep your gas tank well stocked with gasoline, especially when venturing into less populated areas. It is a good idea to carry a gas can with spare emergency gas as well.

Carry a Spare Tire

Carrying a spare tire is important regardless of what country you are traveling in. But it becomes especially important in Australia, where a well populated area can suddenly become an outback sort of region with few people or service stations. Be prepared for the relatively common occurrence of a flat tire by carrying a spare.